About us

We are talented software quality assurance experts who joined to help software companies create and deliver high quality products and build excellent software development processes.  

Since 2010, our team has grown into a diverse group of talented people each bringing different, remarkable skills to the table. We put our clients at the heart of everything we do, creating value for their brands and helping them evolve into market leaders. 


Our core principles

1. We focus on preventing defects

Prevention is better than cure. This medical principle applies to software testing as well. Our job is to ensure the quality of the development process and its results, and not simply find bugs. We identify the root cause of defects and establish a process to avoid them.

2. Work with the team, not against it

A tester can have the most amazing skill set and the expertise needed to do their job well, but without being able to work collaboratively, it is all for nothing. We are team players, we "embed" ourselves in software development teams and work together as one entity.

3. When we test a product, we are in the customer's shoes

The main point of software testing is to create quality products. While UX is not the focus of QA, quality products are those that offer a great user experience. When we test products, we focus on filling the needs of people who will use them.

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